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Established in 2000

The Ultimate Tailored
Music Solution

Sunflower Music was founded in 2000 specifically to compile tailored
music playlists for clients that recognise the attention to detail.

Our extensive knowledge and understanding of the music industry enables us to confidently identify and schedule the exact tailored music content that will enhance the experience of the target customer.


The music consultancy that we provide gives us the complete understanding of your brand and requirements. This service should not be underestimated as it is an integral process that will ultimately form a unique tailored music solution that will help form consistency throughout the brand.


We only work on projects that we are sure we can improve considerably, we have no sales or marketing team. The selection of client examples shown on this website have chosen Sunflower Music as a supplier for a total of over 100 years combined, which is testimony of how successful our product is and speaks for itself.

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