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The Music


The tracks that we select to form your unique tailored playlists are done so by using our extensive knowledge and experience in the music industry and not by algorithms or any other software generated programme.


We do not supply a greatest hits style music solution or the weekly Top 40, we supply the exact tailored music solution to complement the brand image and target customer of your business.


Our software has been designed in a way that every track blends seamlessly with the previous and next track regardless of the order they play. This ensures no awkward silences between tracks.


Our tailored playlists random play every time making sure that they are not played in identical order each day.


The tailored playlists that we supply are timed and programmed and automatically change to suit the requirement of the day. We can also supply override playlists for special events.


All tracks that we use are licensed giving you peace of mind that the music you are playing does not fall outside of the complex licensing laws.

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